Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Podcasts Relevant to the CG Artist


Today, I’d like to talk about something that is very important to any CG artist (scratch that—anyone).  Education.  But in your busy, hectic career of imposible feats and deadlines, can you really spend time to read a book or magizine article?  But one way to get a constant feed of information is through Podcasts (or Netcasts, as Leo Laporte rightly calls them).  Think about it: you may not be able to read and model at the same time, but most of us can listen and do stuff!

But when looking for the right podcasts to listen to, you can become quite confused.  First off, I suggest for you to use iTunes or Roku to watch your podcasts.

Two Podcast site have really stood out:  TWiT and Revision3:

  • Blender Podcast  -  Great Podcast, just in its early stages, all about Blender
  • Film Riot (Revision3)  -  DIY filmmaking
  • Film State (Revision3)  -  Film News (trailers and other news)
  • The Totally Rad Show (Revision3)  -  Reviews of Movies, TV shows, Comics, and Video Games!
  • Frame Rate (TWiT)  -  News in the Movie, TV, and Internet Videos Area
  • Tech News Today (TWiT)  -  Mon-Fri Tech News
  • This Week in Tech (TWiT)  -  The orignal TWiT; Pretty Good
  • Church Media Design TV -  All about Church Media Design
  • VFXGuide: The VFX show  -  Discusses the VFX of movies and TV shows

Hope this helps you guys!  Be sure to tell me what your favorites are!!!

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